FAQ/Guide to Services

“Thank you! The house looks awesome! You did a great job. Thank you so much for your attention to detail.”
–Molly Moore

Scheduling of Services

The vast majority of our clients prefer to have their cleanings on a set schedule. This means that we automatically visit their homes on the same day every one, two, or four weeks. We cannot guarantee a specific time for your cleaning. As a rule, we prefer to clean when no one is home. If someone needs to be in the house while we clean, please make those arrangements with us in advance. We do need to have unhindered access to all rooms at all times; otherwise, rooms will be skipped. Due to our systematic process, we unfortunately cannot entertain requests to clean the house in a certain “order”, nor can we save a certain room “for last”.

Since we offer a lower rate for more frequent cleanings, a skipped cleaning will result in a slightly higher rate for the next cleaning (usually $5-$15). We are generally closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your scheduled cleaning falls on one of these days, you may skip that visit, and you will not be charged more for your next visit. Or, we will attempt to reschedule you if asked.

Clients requesting monthly service will be cleaned every four weeks. Unfortunately, we generally cannot guarantee a “first Tuesday of the month” type schedule.

If a set of keys is to be provided to Hausfrau, please note that we do not make secondary or follow-up visits to pick up or drop off keys or to pick up payments, without payment of a $95 service call fee.

Our Services

Visits are usually between two and six hours, depending on the size of your household. Please understand that we do not charge by the hour, but by the job. We are constantly striving to improve our methods and efficiency, in order to provide our clients with the best possible cleaning in the shortest amount of time. In a nutshell, our services consist of a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. In the other rooms of the house we dust, vacuum, and mop if needed.

We will:

  • Supply all needed, environmentally-friendly products and equipment. We’re sorry, but we never use a customer’s equipment or supplies, even upon request.
  • Vacuum under beds as needed, UNLESS items are stored under beds.
  • Vacuum under other furniture as needed. However, the area must be accessible, moving furniture must not be required, and the furniture must have enough “ground clearance” to allow our low-profile vacuum head underneath (estimate: about three inches).
  • We will vacuum into closets as far as possible, but will generally not move items.
  • We will dust or vacuum baseboards as needed. We do not scrub or “wet wipe” baseboards.
  • Empty trash. NOTE: If there is a very small amount of trash, we generally won’t empty it unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Provide an email reminder, sent the business day before your cleaning.
  • Maintain client house keys and alarm codes under lock and key.

We do not:

  • Provide services other than housecleaning, housesitting and petsitting. (But, please feel free to inquire about referrals to other service professionals!)
  • Let in service people such as meter readers, UPS drivers, and so forth. We do not answer your door or your telephone while we are in your home, UNLESS special arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Wash dishes, or load or unload the dishwasher.
  • Clean curtains or window treatments.
  • Clean higher than we can reach with our tools. Therefore, if you have high ceilings, we may not be able to dust ceiling fans, crown molding, tops of cabinets or mirrors, etc.
  • Clean blood, pet accidents, and the like.
  • Hand scrub floors or grout. We do mop floors thoroughly.
  • Provide daily cleaning services such as washing dishes or “picking up”. Rooms being cleaned need to be “picked up” prior to our arrival. If this does not occur, we will do our best to “clean around” any items, but we will not move said items. Please do your best to remove small items from the floor, such as toy pieces or jewelry, as these hinder our ability to vacuum thoroughly. We cannot be responsible if said items are accidentally vacuumed up. If dishes are left in the sink (more than one or two), then we will not be able to clean the sink.
  • Rake carpet. We vacuum your carpet thoroughly, but cannot promise that your carpet will be free of footprints.
  • Clean louvered doors, beyond dusting the surface.
  • Move furniture.
  • Clean ceilings or walls, other than cobweb removal.

We also do not:

  • Operate any household appliances, such as television or stereo. However, we may use your microwave to heat up our lunch, and get drinking water from your water dispenser or pitcher. We will also use the restrooms as needed, but only before cleaning. And unless instructed otherwise, we may adjust the heat or air conditioning while cleaning, but will return it to its original setting before leaving.
  • Exchange keys with anyone other than the contracted client.

Petsitting and Housesitting

The cost is generally $30 per visit, although we reserve the right to charge more for specialized services or other extenuating circumstances. We do offer these two services on nights and weekends as needed. Exact services are tailored to your needs: feeding/watering/treating pets, walking them or otherwise allowing them to do their business, administering medicine, litter box maintenance, vet transportation in emergencies, and general love and TLC! We are even happy to send you a picture for your peace of mind, so that you can know that they are doing fine! We are also able to bring in mail and packages, bring in or put out trash cans, turn lights on and off, raise and lower blinds, water plants…you name it, and generally we can do it!

Hours of Operation

We are available to provide housecleaning services between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Emails and forms submitted on our website will be replied to by the next business day at the very latest.

Inclement Weather

Severe inclement weather, although rare in Knoxville, may limit our ability to service clients as scheduled. In this event, we will use the contact information we have on file to notify you. Also, we cannnot clean without power, so please do your best to let us know if the power is out at your home.


In the event of a client illness, please let us know about illness in the home before we arrive, so that we can reschedule your cleaning. We will return the favor, and will never knowingly come into your home while sick.


Please notify us of any persons who may be in your home during the time of the housecleaning service. This includes family members, service contractors, repair personnel, and so forth. Unfortunately, we cannot clean in a home where unsupervised children are present. Also, we love pets, but we reserve the right to ask that indoor pets be crated or otherwise restricted from the area where we are working if necessary. (But most of the time, it is not necessary.) The customer is responsible for any injuries that occur to our cleaners as a result of unrestrained pets.


  • We realize that some prospective clients want a “rough idea” of how much we charge prior to contacting us. With that in mind, we can tell you that an “average” home usually runs around $150 per visit. Larger homes can run as high as $300 or more. There is a $95 minimum charge for weekly service.
  • Initial cleanings cost more than subsequent cleanings, and start at $175 for a very small, fairly clean home. Average price is around $250.
  • Move-in/move-out cleanings also start at $175, and average around $250.
  • Infrequent cleanings (less often than once per month) also start at $175, and average around $250.
  • Add an additional 50% to the above rates for after hours, weekend, or same-day service.
  • We do not clean windows, refrigerator or oven interiors, freezers, walls, or ceilings (other than cobweb removal).


  • Service appointments can be cancelled by phone or email. Please do not consider your appointment as cancelled until you receive a confirmation via email or telephone.
  • Excessive cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, or “lockouts”, may result in cessation of services.

Billing and Payments

  • We must receive payment before we can begin services. Preferred methods of payment are credit cards using Square, and PayPal. It is not preferred, but you may also leave a personal check at your residence. Please make payable to Hausfrau Housecleaning. Please do not postdate.
  • For security reasons, we strongly recommend that cash not be left as payment. We cannot accept responsibility for lost/misplaced cash.
  • Monthly billing is available upon request, but does necessitate paying for monthly services in advance.


Hausfrau uses state of the art vacuums with HEPA filtration. The HEPA filtration adds to our equipment costs, but we feel that it is necessary. We strongly feel that our vacuums maximize indoor air quality in your home, and eliminate any sort of “germ transfer” from home to home. Therefore, we do not use a customer’s vacuum under any circumstances, even upon request. (This is due to liability concerns as well.) We also cannot entertain requests to use a new vacuum bag in your home. It’s just not necessary. If you have any sort of insect infestation in your home, please let us know prior to cleaning. If we arrive and find an insect infestation, we will not be able to clean, and must charge you a “lockout” charge.

General Information

  • We are insured and bonded through Zander Insurance and Nationwide Insurance.
  • We are licensed as a service provider in Knox County.
  • We are a proud member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals.

Other Exemptions

The following services are not included in our services:

  • Cleaning windows other than the entry (this includes interior windows such as French doors and cabinet doors, which will be dusted as needed, but not “wet wiped”)
  • Cleaning inside cabinets (this includes china/curio cabinets, hutches, and the like)
  • Polishing brass or silver
  • Vacuuming the tops of cabinets
  • Cleaning high chairs
  • Cleaning griddles
  • Cleaning curtains (including shower curtains)

We do not remove items from the top or front of refrigerator. We will do our best to clean around these items. We do not clean the inside of the refrigerator.

We do not clean the eyes, drip pans or outer rings on electric stoves, nor underneath the “surface” of the stove. We do not clean the grates on gas stoves, or anything underneath the drip pan.

We cannot “hand pick” debris from area rugs or carpets. We will vacuum underneath small area rugs (liftable with one hand), as long as there is not a separate non-skid mat. We do not move non-skid mats, or area rugs too large to lift with one hand.

We will feather dust any “bric-a-brac” shelves without moving items. Generally, we will only move items and dust with a cloth if there are five or less items, and then generally only items that can be lifted with one hand. We also reserve the right to skip electronic equipment, if we are concerned with the possibility of damage. We may also feather dust other areas, such as lights, blinds, baseboards, etc. Sorry, but we cannot entertain “no feather duster” requests.

We give added care and take precautions with furniture, collectibles, and other items. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. However, we encourage our clients to tell us about any priceless or irreplaceable items in the home, as we feel it best for us to not touch these items.