Housesitting and Petsitting

"Thanks for being here this weekend. The dogs reported on their run and said, let's do it again soon!"
--Whitney Ray-Dawson

Housesitting and Petsitting

"By popular request" as the saying goes, we now offer housesitting and petsitting services, in addition to housecleaning services! Rates are generally in the $50-$150 per day range, depending upon location and services desired. Services available include feeding, watering, and playing with pets, litter box maintenance, letting them in/out and/or walking them as needed, and watching the house. Generally, we arrive in the evening, stay overnight, and leave in the morning. However, feel free to discuss your specific needs with us. We will also gladly bring in mail and/or newspapers, and water plants.

To confirm pricing and availability, please use our standard "Request a Price" form. Indicate "housesitting" or "petsitting" in the comments.

Updated March 9, 2013
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